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Personal and fiscal data collected directly and/or through third parties by the company Mecc Alte S.p.A. - Via Roma n° 20 - 36051 CREAZZO (Province of Vicenza - VI), owner of the information, are handled in hard copy, information technology and telematic means. Use of personal information submitted to Mecc Alte S.p.A. is conducted in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security and to support a better business relationship.

The electronic mail addresses submitted may be utilised by the company to respond to inquiries, process orders or provide access to specific information or offers in accordance with Article 130, paragraph 4 of the Code; interested parties, in any case, have the right to choose not to have their personal data used for promotional purposes.

Failure to provide the data requested, non obligatory data, will be evaluated on a time-by-time basis by the owner of the information, who in return shall make consequent decisions with regards to the importance of this data with respect to the business relationship.

The data collected may be used in Italy for the purposes disclosed to you, and consequently we may share it for the same purpose with:

  • our sales network
  • factoring companies
  • financial institutions
  • credit recovery companies
  • credit insurance companies
  • companies Processing Business Information
  • professionals and consultants
  • forwarders and transport agents

The interested party may exercise all rights as stipulated in Article 7 of Legislative Decree n° 196/2003 (including the right to review and update the personal data and to refuse consent for the use of, and/or to cancel the data entered)

Article7 - Rights of interested parties (Right to review personal data and other rights)
1. The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of his personal data, even if the information has not yet been processed; he also has the right to request that the information in possession of the company be communicated to him in an intelligible manner.

2. The interested party also has the right to obtain the following indications:

  • a. The origin of the personal data;
  • b. The purpose and manner of use;
  • c. The logic applied in the event of use made with the aid of electronic instruments;
  • d. The identification of the owner, parties responsible for use and designated representative, in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2;
  • e. Categories and parties to whom data may be communicated, or which may come to the knowledge of information in their capacity as designated representatives in the Italian territory, as parties responsible for or charged with use of the information.


3. The interested party has the right :

  • a. To update, correct or, if interested, to amend the information;
  • b. To cancel, transform in an anonymous form, or block the data being processed in violation of the law, including saving of data which is considered unnecessary once original purposes of its collection and process have been fulfilled;
  • c. To certify that whoever has access to the personal data is aware of the above paragraphs a. and b. unless fulfilment of these rights is proved to be impossible, or would involve disproportionate means when compared to the right being safeguarded.


4.The interested party has the right to deny consent, entirely or in part:

  • a. For legitimate reasons, to the use of his/her personal data, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection;
  • b. To the use of his/her personal data for advertising purposes or direct sales of goods, surveys or promotions.