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06.05.2013 - Spare part numbers updating of portable alternators.
Reviewed and updated spare part numbers of all portable alternators (S15W, S16W, S20W, S16F, S20F, T16F, T20F, ES16F, ES20F, ET16F and ET20F series).
17.09.2012 - Finally On Line!
Meccalte Support team is proud to offer to all the customer the newest and advanced after sales focused web site, with its innovative services.
14.09.2012 - The Mecc Alte design of simplicity for production has added benefits in service.
‘Families’ of machines have a degree of commonality in components such as rotating rectifier assemblies, exciters and a limited and interchangeable range of regulators. Add with this ...
12.09.2012 - The very successful ‘MAUX’ auxiliary winding, powers the regulator, and is a standard feature through the range of AVR controlled machines.
For equal performance the series 40, 43 & 46 machines may be retrofitted with ‘PMG_ma’, Permanent Magnet Generators in the unlikely event of a ‘MAUX’ failure. The ...