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Web Services

Determining the spare part you require.
All of the Mecc Alte customers, direct or indirect, have the ability to buy spare parts online for current production alternators produced. This includes Portables, Industrial and Marine series of machines from 1kVA to 5000kVA and a limited possibility for older obsolete models. For this you will require the machine name/model or the serial number taken from the alternator nameplate.
This easy to use service will enable you to determine the correct part for the job and to ensure a rapid response to your parts requirements.

Access to online spare parts purchasing.
Two options are possible in sourcing the spare part determined by means of the spare part selector. The first is to buy it from a MeccAlte representative, directly from our subsidiary networks or from one of our distributor. The second will give you direct access to our inline store by means of this service portal. after your registration you will have access to the on-line purchasing service, and you will be able to place orders for parts in a secured and fast way, being contacted from a Meccalte representative for all the details concerning the shipment of the good.

Test certificate
Access to alternator test report. Not all Mecc Alte alternators have the test reports sent with the machine. From the machines serial number, here you will have the ability to access (download or print) a PDF copy of the original test report. This is applicable to alternators manufactured at the Italy, UK, China and Indian factories and is for 28, 31, 32, 34, 37, 38, 40, 43 & 46 series of machines 2, 4, 6 poles and multipolar from 7.8kVA to 5000kVA .

Service Network
The Mecc Alte products are a global brand and this in enhanced by our dedication to Customer Care and Satisfaction. Our network of wholly owned Mecc Alte Subsidiaries have responsibility for a specified region in which there will be an approved service network organisation. This level of support extends from the beginning including help in sizing and customising in project work, to a personal service in the contract stage through to support in aftersales. Supporting its customers at every stage of the professional relationship. With the introduction of the additional services in aftersales as presented here the focus has always been to the customer and their total satisfaction. Company ongoing success relies on this total support system from product quality, performances, and then the accessible support at the start, the middle and at the end. No one area can be deficient and detract from the success as a whole. This attention to detail and customer focus is our primary objective to ensure the continuing success of Mecc Alte - "With Great Knowledge Comes Great Power"

After sales video
After sales help video's. A selection of video's have been produced to help in sizing, selection and setting of alternators. They are a practical guides using visual aids and intended as a compliment to the operators manual supplied with every alternator. If you do not have the manual either paper copy you can download a copy from the Mecc Alte website.



As there are many factors affecting selection and sizing for alternators in a myriad of driven installations, we cannot hope to cover all aspects. As such these video's are for guidance only and in setting the regulator, you should use caution and best practises to avoid personal injury or damage to any machinery.


The spare parts list generated has to be intended as a general guide. It is reflective of the build of a standard machine without any option. Special machines or changes made on a standard machine after production by the MeccAlte factory, such as adaptor & disc changes, or options added i.e. IP23, 3ph sensing regulator etc., are not captured in this parts list. Such changes may be made at Subsidiaries and sales agents post production. We recommend that checks are made with the machine in question to verify parts, both by dimension and label point of view, before placing orders. The local MeccAlte representative will assist upon request. We take no responsibility for incorrect parts supplied, if no checks are made.