The World's Largest Independent Producer of Alternators 1 - 5,000 kVA


17.09.2012 - Finally On Line!
Meccalte Support team is proud to offer to all the customer the newest and advanced after sales focused web site, with its innovative services.
14.09.2012 - The Mecc Alte design of simplicity for production has added benefits in service.
‘Families’ of machines have a degree of commonality in components such as rotating rectifier assemblies, exciters and a limited and interchangeable range of regulators. Add with this ...
12.09.2012 - The very successful ‘MAUX’ auxiliary winding, powers the regulator, and is a standard feature through the range of AVR controlled machines.
For equal performance the series 40, 43 & 46 machines may be retrofitted with ‘PMG_ma’, Permanent Magnet Generators in the unlikely event of a ‘MAUX’ failure. The ...