The World's Largest Independent Producer of Alternators 1 - 5,000 kVA

Service Network

The Mecc Alte products are a global brand and this in enhanced by our dedication to Customer Care and Satisfaction. Our network of wholly owned Mecc Alte Subsidiaries have responsibility for a specified region in which there will be an approved service network organisation. This level of support extends from the beginning including help in sizing and customising in project work, to a personal service in the contract stage through to support in aftersales. Supporting its customers at every stage of the professional relationship. With the introduction of the additional services in aftersales as presented here the focus has always been to the customer and their total satisfaction. Company ongoing success relies on this total support system from product quality, performances, and then the accessible support at the start, the middle and at the end. No one area can be deficient and detract from the success as a whole. This attention to detail and customer focus is our primary objective to ensure the continuing success of Mecc Alte - "With Great Knowledge Comes Great Power"